Agent Felesoid


Set in the 2030s, a black cat named Spartacus becomes part cat, part machine when he is microchipped. This high-powered cat offers his newfound skills to the police and secret service. He is extremely loyal to his nation and to the Wildgust family, his owners.

The cat’s first mission is to investigate a group believed to be linked to the world’s most infamous and wanted terrorists, namely Vincent-Leopold Van Fokker and his granddaughter, Helena Van Fokker, who are against Britain’s policy of chipping criminals to track them, just as they do pets.

Spartacus tries to trace the whereabouts of the Van Fokkers, especially when it becomes clear that they intend to kidnap Philomela Wildgust, the daughter of the family he lives with. Philomela’s father is Charles Wildgust, the Permanent Home Secretary of State and Hereditary Lord Crown Bearer of England, who also happens to be in charge of monitoring Britain’s chipping programme.

After Philomela is kidnapped, Spartacus is assigned the mission to save her, but the Van Fokkers escape justice. While she was held captive, Britain was closed to the outside world. Spartacus manages to find Vincent-Leopold and kills him, but his granddaughter vows revenge by declaring war on Britain.

This is the first book of the Agent Felesoid series.