Llanwoeseth Mardis


Llanwoeseth Mardis has a B.A. in Single Honours Classical Studies from the University of Wales, Lampeter. He lives in the village of Bardney in the county of Lincolnshire. “I was born in the city of Lincoln, in the county of Lincolnshire in what I call the Province of England. I do not regard Scotland, Wales, Ulster, and England as nations, but as provinces, and I believe that a new Act of Union should be created. In creating a new union the Province of England will finally have what the other provinces have, its own Provincial Parliament, and the Provinces of Scotland, Wales, and Ulster will not keep asking the National Parliament for more powers. By creating a new union, the Premiers of all the Provincial Parliaments (note I do not refer to them as First Ministers for we should model ourselves on the Commonwealth of Australia, and Canada where the Heads of State, and Provincial Parliaments are called Premiers) will have equal powers and not keep asking the Prime Minister of the National Parliament every five years or so for new powers. I plan to use in all of my books to refer to Britain as the United Provinces of Greater Britain either under the name of Llanwoeseth Mardis or under my other nom-de-plume of Dorian Thames Wells. This should prove my strength of feeling that Britain should undergo a change to become the United Provinces of Greater Britain.” My hobbies and interests are family history, genealogy, armory, heraldry, and all allied subjects.