Agent Felesoid


Set in the 2030s, a black cat named Spartacus becomes part cat, part machine when he is microchipped. This high-powered cat offers his newfound skills to the police and secret service. He is extremely loyal to his nation and to the Wildgust family, his owners.

The cat’s first mission is to investigate a group believed to be linked to the world’s most infamous and wanted terrorists, namely Vincent-Leopold Van Fokker and his granddaughter, Helena Van Fokker, who are against Britain’s policy of chipping criminals to track them, just as they do pets.

Spartacus tries to trace the whereabouts of the Van Fokkers, especially when it becomes clear that they intend to kidnap Philomela Wildgust, the daughter of the family he lives with. Philomela's father is Charles Wildgust, the Permanent Home Secretary of State, and Hereditary Lord Crown Bearer of England, who also happens to be in charge of monitoring Britain's chipping programme.

After Philomela is kidnapped, Spartacus is assigned the mission to save her, but the Van Fokkers escape justice. While she was held captive, Britain was closed to the outside world. Spartacus manages to find Vincent-Leopold and kills him, but his granddaughter vows revenge by declaring war on Britain.

This is the first book of the Agent Felesoid series.    


Agent Felesoid and the Incident on the 49th Parallel


The series continues in the 2030s, featuring Spartacus, a black cat that becomes part machine after he is micro-chipped. His newly found skills are used to spy for the British secret service and police.


Spartacus heads to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. Helping him is a troop of SAS so they can capture the top ten leaders of the Taliban.


On his return home, Spartacus witnesses his sister's first day of attending the Army Cadet Force. After he attends several meetings of the ACF with his sister, Spartacus is ordered into his father's office and is informed that the Canadian governor general has received an intelligence report from a mole in the CIA.


His mission is to obtain the details of America's plans to invade Canada. With the help of the mole, he gains entrance into the Pentagon, where he places the plans on the mole's laptop to ensure her loyalties are with Canada. His plan is to blackmail the mole by getting her to hand over the plans to a group of Commonwealth spies.


Spartacus requests permission to patrol the border of the 49th Parallel until he reaches a special place to witness and video record the Incident on the 49th Parallel.


All the member states of the Commonwealth of Nations declared war on the U.S. and President Lincoln asked for an armistice after thirty days. In a special meeting, the USA is reduced to fifteen states

This is the second book in the Agent Felesoid series.

Agent Felesoid and the Return of Helena Van Fokker


The United States of America is now reduced to fifteen states and some Americans are not happy with this, some have formed terrorist cells, in order to re-build their nation, and to take revenge for their humiliation and defeat. Spartacus has been given the mission to track down these cells and put them out of action, and while in the New Provinces he hears of his old enemy Helena Van Fokker who was seen in the Old Provinces. 
Spartacus moves back and forth from the Old and New Provinces to find the evidence to destroy the terrorist cells, and to track down his old enemy Helena Van Fokker. On one such mission, he disarms a bomb, with the help of Captain Statham of the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Unit, and on another mission, he discovers Helena’s last hideout in Afghanistan. 
During these missions, he learns to fly a Sea-Tiger and he uses his newly found skill to destroy Helena’s ships in the Sea of Japan.

This is the third book of the Agent Felesoid series.    

Agent Felesoid andthe Eyes of May


Sir Spartacus is called into action when Dame Jane Rayfield’s godson is killed after trying to infiltrate a terrorist group under the command of Helena Van Fokker. Once Spartacus has a lead into the death of Commander Rayfield’s godson, he investigates someone called Randolph Van Der Kir. Mr. Van Der Kir, as he is to discover is a drug dealer, but has other interests, one of which is supplying young people to a film maker, who specialises in child pornography. Sir Spartacus soon puts the child pornographer out of business.  

He also has to work out the meaning of “Eyes of May” which were the last words that the young man had said to Mrs. Hooper. Spartacus mission is to discover why Mr. Van Der Kir wanted the police officer dead. While investigating Mr. Van Der Kir, he receives a signal telling him that a group of terrorists have taken over a school in the Province of Florida. He and his SAS troop soon capture the terrorists, and he is soon send back to continue his investigation.

When investigating Mr. Van Der Kir, his archenemy, Helena Van Fokker, attacks a British naval base. After he discovers the person, who helped Helena Van Fokker to attack the naval base, he discovers the true meaning of the phrase “Eyes of May”. After he and SAS troops captures the American terrorists, who were behind the operation on the 15th of May 2041, who were to attempt to change the minds of the Commonwealth High Commissioners at the Commonwealth Conference, in order to reverse the Treaty of Ottawa, he hears that President Flynn of the United States of America, a lackey of Helena Van Fokker, has killed a member of the Van Fokker family.  

Helena Van Fokker wants revenge, and she plans to use the Commonwealth Secretariat to attack the United States of America by attacking a British city with missiles, and say that the attack was organised by President Flynn and herself.

After the war between the Commonwealth of Nations, and the United States of America, he and his family spend Christmas at Wildgusté, France where he has to deal with French terrorists, because they are angry that the French Islands of the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, in a plebiscite voted, to become a part of Canada. It is a never ending adventure for British Spy, Sir Spartacus Wildgust.

This is the fourth book of the Agent Felesoid series.    

Percy Pratt - Barrister-at-Law - The Strange Case of the Child Kidnapper


Percy Pratt's new case is an odd one. His client is arrested for altering the interior of a car for the purpose of committing a crime and kidnapping a child. To make matters difficult his client refuses to talk. His case is also considered a high profile one, so high that his case is to be heard at Number One Court at The Old Bailey. 
Percy a former American citizen has become a British citizen after the Thirty Day War between the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Nations, which the Americans lost. He is a barrister for the New Sydney's branch of Charlesworth Barristorial Chambers in what is now called the Province of New Sydney, a province of the United Provinces of Greater Britain formerly known as the State of New York. 
Unbeknownst to Percy he and his wife Claire are being followed by a group who do not want him defend his client as they believe the man is guilty, and they do not want to see him released on some technicality by remaining silent. When Claire Pratt is attacked, she is saved by a cat, which is known by the cryptonym of "Felesoid". 
One night Percy is visited by some young people with news about his client, but is their news good or bad?

This is the first book of the Percy Pratt series.    


Percy Pratt - Barrister-at-Law - The Crown Versus Serena Southerlyn


Percy Pratt finds himself having to defend Miss Serena Southerlyn, a former member of the Crown Prosecution Service, when she is accused of murdering her civil partner, Miss Roberta Mortimer. He discovers that his case will be tried at The Old Bailey. Percy hires Mr. FitzGeorge Wander, a private enquiry agent, to try and ferret out any useful information that could help his case and during his investigations uncover whether Miss Mortimer might have links to the Irish Mafia.  

Mr. Wander is sent to Mexico first, to meet a man, who might have married Miss Mortimer, and later to meet Brendan O’Conner the Boss na Bosses of the Irish Mafia, but unbeknownst to him someone else is also investigating Mr. O’Conner, who is known by his codename of “Agent Felesoid”. What he is to learn was that Commissioner General Benito Cárdenas of the Federal Police, Commissioner Sir Tod Paulus of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Commissioner Sir John Hopkirk of the Royal Police, and Commissioner Dame Jane Rayfield of the Royal Special Intelligence Police in a joint operation were investigating O’Conner’s activities, and one of the things that Dame Jane Rayfield wants to know was if O’Conner hired the man, who is known as the “Clown Killer of New Zealand”, was he the same person, who might have killed Miss Mortimer? 

Will Percy win his case? Did Miss Serena Southerlyn kill her civil partner? If not, can Agent Felesoid and Dame Jane Rayfield prove that the Clown Killer of New Zealand killed Miss Mortimer? Read The Crown Vs Ms Serena Southerlyn and find out!

This is the second book in the Percy Pratt series.