Dorian Thames Wells is Llanwoeseth Mardis's nom-de-plume.

Boadicea of 10 Downing Street


Boadicea Kitchen is the youngest of five daughters of the Prime Minister of the United Provinces of Greater Britain, Oswald and his wife Judith, and is somewhat of a tomboy; she discovers a plot against her eldest sister Aethelhild. She discovers that the people, who are behind the plot, are Britain’s age-old enemy the United States of America. The Americans are not happy that they have had to take out a loan from the British in order to reduce their deficit because in the era in which this story is set, the 2040’s Britain is the richest nation in the world. As part of the loan agreement, the United States of America has had to become a Member State of the Commonwealth of Nations and to acknowledge King George the VII as their Sovereign, which many Americans hate. President Georgina Bush hatches a diabolical plan against Aethelhild. This plan she hopes will overturn the loan agreement. Will Boadicea with the help of her girlfriends, Sir Kenneth Mclaggan, the head of SIS, and the Canadian SIS, foil the plot?