Book by Demetrian Shallows

Demetrian Shallows and Dorian Thames Wells are nom-de-plumes of Llanwoeseth Mardis

Daffodil Duckworth and the Fictitious Nazi Spy Ring


Daffodil Duckworth is a thirteen-year-old girl who is soon to learn that she has a high intelligence quotient and that the British government is looking for children with exceptionally high IQs for a special department in the hope of shortening the war with Nazi Germany. The special department is based at Uppingham School in the County of Rutland that was founded in 1584 and its work is in decoding German military messages, creating new codes, designing new code breaking machines, and its cover story is that it is a special department for gifted children. Daffodil is delighted to learn that the school once taught her favourite actor Boris Karloff. While at this school, she becomes very suspicious of one of the male teachers and decides to investigate him. One night, she follows him to Eyebrook Reservoir and witnesses him filming an Avro Lancaster bomber dropping a very special bomb; it bounced! Daffodil and three of her friends keep the teacher under observation; however, unbeknownst to them they are being observed by MI5 officers. MI5 thinking that Daffodil and her friends will destroy the operation involving the German spy, who is calling himself Mr Carter, decided that they must tell them the truth and perhaps have them to work with them. When Daffodil and her friends discover the truth about the German spy, they are very pleased to help MI5 keep the spy under observation. At the meeting, they meet someone, who MI5 thought they could help to become a great double-agent. The person, who MI5 thought that they could turn, was known to them under his cryptonym of ‘Garbo’ and to the Germans as ‘Arabel’. Will they save the RAF’s operation from being discovered by the German spy and can Daffodil and her friends assist the British Government and help ‘Garbo’ be accepted as a German Spy or will the fact that he is a Double-Agent be discovered?