Percy Pratt finds himself having to defend Miss Serena Southerlyn, a former member of the Crown Prosecution Service, when she is accused of murdering her civil partner, Miss Roberta Mortimer. He discovers that his case will be tried at The Old Bailey. Percy hires Mr. FitzGeorge Wander, a private enquiry agent, to try and ferret out any useful information that could help his case and during his investigations uncover whether Miss Mortimer might have links to the Irish Mafia.

Mr. Wander is sent to Mexico first, to meet a man, who might have married Miss Mortimer, and later to meet Brendan O’Conner the Boss na Bosses of the Irish Mafia, but unbeknownst to him someone else is also investigating Mr. O’Conner, who is known by his codename of “Agent Felesoid”. What he is to learn was that Commissioner General Benito Cárdenas of the Federal Police, Commissioner Sir Tod Paulus of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Commissioner Sir John Hopkirk of the Royal Police, and Commissioner Dame Jane Rayfield of the Royal Special Intelligence Police in a joint operation were investigating O’Conner’s activities, and one of the things that Dame Jane Rayfield wants to know was if O’Conner hired the man, who is known as the “Clown Killer of New Zealand”, was he the same person, who might have killed Miss Mortimer?

Will Percy win his case? Did Miss Serena Southerlyn kill her civil partner? If not, can Agent Felesoid and Dame Jane Rayfield prove that the Clown Killer of New Zealand killed Miss Mortimer? Read The Crown Vs Ms Serena Southerlyn and find out!

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